About Us

About Us:
The Maritime Issues is the premier online platform that provides a venue for policy practitioners, strategic thinkers, analysts as well as thoughtful stakeholders to engage in candid and forward-looking discussions on the pressing maritime issues around the globe.
The forum is aimed to promote the notion of comprehensive and inclusive security in the maritime domain and cultivate a truly global dialogue on the risks and opportunities present in the ever-changing seascape that could pave the way for practical cooperation among nations and stakeholders for the sake of the humanity.
The Maritime Issues is designed to:

  • build shared understanding of the security, economic and environmental state of the oceans and common awareness of risks and threats arising from maritime environment;
  • dial in international expertise and support for enhancing the capacity of individuals, coastal communities, marine entrepreneurs, countries as well as the region as a whole to manage the maritime resources lying on their doorstep in a sustainable manner;
  • foster communication and bonding between all key actors and stakeholders in the regional maritime scene to stimulate the development of effective global and regional governance for the 21st century; 
  • identify new forms and areas of maritime cooperation as well as possible contributions from different stakeholders to maintain the stable and good order at sea;
  • promote transparency in national-level maritime policy formulation and conduct to reduce instability and volatility in the maritime environment.

Members of the Editorial Board

Carlyle Thayer (University of New South Wales, Australia)
Elina Noor (Institute of Strategic and International Studies, Malaysia)
Ian Storey (Institute for Southeast Asian Studies, Singapore)
James Kraska (Naval War College, The United States)
Leszek Buszynski (Australian National University, Australia)
Nong Hong (Institute for China America Studies, China)
Renato DeCastro (De La Salle University, The Philippines)
Tetsuo Kotani (Japan Institute of International Affairs, Japan)
Tran Truong Thuy (
The Foundation of East Sea Studies, Vietnam)
Do Thanh Hai (Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam, Vietnam), Editor-in-Chief

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