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  • Fostering Cooperation in the South China Sea (Special session for Representatives from SCS Young Leaders’ Group)

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    Since 2015, this annual South China Sea Conference series has initiated the Young Leaders Program, which has attracted a dozen of bright young scholars and PhD candidates from many countries to come and discuss ways to foster cooperation in the South China Sea. Young Leaders Program has two main objectives: (i) getting fresh views from young scholars on how to manage disputes in the South China Sea; and (ii) engaging and building research interests of new generation of scholars on maritime disputes in the South China Sea. Representative of the Young Leaders group will present the group's discussion and their views on ...
  • The Origin of the South China Sea Disputes: Historical Perspectives

    Category: Videos
    Most of the disputes in the South China Sea have existed for quite a while. This session examines the activities of claimants and stakeholders throughout history to trace the origin and evolution of the territorial and maritime disputes in the South China Sea. Who claims what in the South China Sea and since when? What were the factors driving the claimants’ interests in offshore territories? How have major powers got involved in the South China Sea? How have the courses of their national development influenced the South China Sea coastal countries’ maritime policies? How have maritime aspirations been incorporated into national ...
  • What Makes An Island? Land Reclamation
    What Makes An Island? Land Reclamation

    The agreements offer both positive and negative lessons. At a minimum, they provide important precedents that should be more widely appreciated – foremost among them that it is possible for China to come to the bargaining table on maritime disputes. Meanwhile specific lessons can be applied to China’s bilateral maritime disputes with Japan, Vietnam, and the Koreas. Unfortunately the Tonkin agreements support only modest expectations for resolution of the complex, multilateral Spratly Islands disputes.
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