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  • The Enigma of Article 121, Paragraph 3: The Way Forward?

    The legal regime of islands has only stirred international attention since the creation of the exclusive economic zone and the delineation of the continental margin beyond 200 nautical miles offshore. As these are both rather novel concepts in the law of the sea, this in fact means that the Third United Nations Conference on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS III; 1973-1982) proved to be a turning point in this respect. At UNCLOS III States agreed that a differentiation should be made amongst islands in order to prevent that excessive small features should generate the same kind of maritime rights as ...
  • Malaysia’s New Game in the South China Sea
    Malaysia’s New Game in the South China Sea

    The submission by Malaysia represents a positive step forward for coastal states in the SCS to clarify their claims and seriously discuss maritime delimitation in accordance with UNCLOS and the interpretation of its article 121 (3) by the 2016 Tribunal Award.
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