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  • DOC and COC - Best Path to Keep Waters Calm
    DOC and COC - Best Path to Keep Waters Calm

    This year marks the 20th anniversary of the signing of the DOC, a special year for China and ASEAN countries who are committed to peace and stability as well as maritime cooperation in the South China Sea. Taking this as an opportunity, they need to review their experience and learn lessons. Starting with building consensus and enhancing mutual trust, they need to focus on new ideas and new paths and, guided by win-win cooperation, write a new chapter on maritime cooperation and ocean governance in the South China Sea. 
  • The Rise of ‘Minilateralism’: The ASEAN and its Struggle for Centrality in the South China Sea
    The Rise of ‘Minilateralism’: The ASEAN and its Struggle for Centrality in the South China Sea

    The paper analyzes the intersection of three key currents in Asian geopolitics, namely (i) the emergence Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) as a fulcrum of pan-regional integration, (ii) the evolution of South China Sea disputes as the preeminent geopolitical conflict of the 21st century, if not the site of the next great war; and, (iii) full commencement of the New Cold War between the United States (US) and China, dispensing with four decades of ‘constructive engagement’ vis-à-vis Beijing. Once seen as the harbinger of an open, inclusive and multilateralist order in the Asia-Pacific, the ASEAN has struggled to assert its ...
  • Legal and Geographical Implications of the South China Sea Arbitration

    Introduction On 12 July 2016 the Arbitral Tribunal in in the case between the Philippines and China delivered its Award, following its earlier 29 October 2015 Award on Jurisdiction and Admissibility.[1] The Tribunal was constituted under Annex VII of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (LOSC),[2] having been initiated by the Philippines.[3] The Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague acted as the registry for the case and venue for hearings.[4] China, for its part, returned the Philippines’ notification of its claims, argued that the Tribunal lacked jurisdiction to hear the case, and has rejected the Tribunal’s Award.[5] The ...
  • About Cosp Company

    Category: About us  About Cosp
    COSP chuyên thiết kế - thi công cửa hàng, shop, showroom, gian hàng trưng bày sản phẩm….và cung cấp các sản phẩm nội thất cho tất cả các đối tượng khách hàng. Là một trong những thương hiệu được đánh giá cao từ những sản phẩm thiết kế sáng tạo, thân thiện và một chế độ hậu mãi chu đáo. Đến với COSP, quý khách sẽ được tiếp cận với đội ngũ văn phòng - kiến trúc sư trẻ trung, sáng tạo sẵn sàng tư vấn và đưa ra những sản phẩm thiết kế độc đáo, phù hợp nhất cho không gian của bạn. ...
  • Possible Consequences of the Philippines’ South China Sea
    Possible Consequences of the Philippines’ South China Sea

    Category: Security
    PRC dredgers have created a land mass that spans the entire existing reef and is approximately 3,000 meters long and 200-300 meters wide. China is currently building an airstrip with an estimated final length of 3,110 meters, long enough to allow any PRC military aircraft to land. AMTI has obtained and released the first publicly available photos of this airstrip development. China has also begun development of port facilities which may be capable of docking military tankers. What will the implications of this development be for the region?
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