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  • Crossing the Rubicon: Duterte, China and Resource-Sharing in the South China Sea

    Category: Politics
    The only way for a Joint Development Agreement to push through is that Duterte would manage to amend the Philippine constitution, largely ignore his country’s arbitration award victory, and overcome deep-seated public antipathy towards resource-sharing agreements with China.  
  • De-combatising the Spratly Disputes
    De-combatising the Spratly Disputes

    Category: Working Papers
    The possibility of standoffs among the Spratly disputants and especially between China and the US may have increased with the ruling of the Arbitral Tribunal on 12 July 2016. The award has invalidated Beijing’s basis for Spratly patrols based on the nine-dotted line. At the same time it lends America new ground for Freedom of Navigation Operations (FONOPs) in the South China Sea (SCS). These are part of the reason for Beijing to reject the arbitration award.
  • International Law and the South China Sea
    International Law and the South China Sea

    Category: Videos
    This session assesses the utility of international law in managing and resolving the South China Sea disputes in the post-award context of the Philippines-China arbitration case at the Arbitration Tribunal set up under Annex VII of the UNCLOS. Arguably the long-awaited award that has surprised most, if not all, international observers has also changed the legal status quo in the South China Sea. What are the implications of the arbitration award for the South China Sea situation going forward? How might the Tribunal’s assessment of evidence, reasoning and conclusion in the Philippines-China case affect the claims of the parties directly involved ...
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