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  • The South China Sea arbitral award: Not ‘just a piece of paper’

    Category: Politics
    As long as the claimant states continue to stand up to China’s excessive claims and defend their legitimate claims endorsed by the arbitral award, and as long as other states around the world do not turn a blind eye to the situation and continue to voice their objections to activities in violation of international law, the arbitral award could be considered to have impact and not “just a piece of paper”.
  • The South China Sea one year after Arbitral Award: The Calm before the Storm?

    Although the South China Sea award has brough much clarity to the scope of the disputes and opened possibilities for peaceful dispute management, the situation in the South China Sea in the past year tends to tell a different story.  
  • The South China Sea Arbitration Award:
    The South China Sea Arbitration Award: "A victory for all"

    The South China Sea Arbitral Award has now become an important part of our history and our present as well as an undeniable fact. It is conceivable that this Award will also continue to be a helpful guide leading the concerned parties to develop a viable rules-based order in the South China Sea, rather than allowing the region to become a 'might makes right’ arena for interstate rivalry.
  • Interview with Bill Hayton

    The Maritime Issues conducted an interview with Bill Hayton, Associate Fellow of Chatham House on May 23, 2017. The interview covered a wide range of issues related to the South China Sea, including the effects of the Arbitral Award, the myths about China's claims and the future of US involvement in the South China Sea.
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